Stretching out after a busy three-day weekend - I looked over at my foot on the coffee table and saw how elongated and twisted it seemed from my angle in the corner of the sofa, and began to draw. Ink and then very wet gouache dashed on and blotted and dashed again until the layers of color felt right.


This is a fabulous visual journal. Is it hand made?

Thanks. My sister and I each made a dozen journals with good paper at the end of December. The paper is Lenox 100 - a printmaking paper which takes wet media well and is smooth enough for pen. If you delve back into the comments for some of the late December entries, I think I made more notes there on the construction process - it took several afternoons to make a dozen books, but it was companionable work, and the books themselves are so satisfying to use that I think it was well worth the effort. I found the binding directions in Gwen Diehn's book, The Decorated Journal, in a chapter entitled, "The Reluctant Bookbinder."



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