yellow tulips



Rain turned to near-snow today, but nothing stayed to whiten the ground. Bought flowers for the house, so that's what I wanted to draw. This is gouache, with no pencil or ink first.


I love the shadows! This is scrummy :-)

I love your artwork. It's fresh, and interesting, and you have a gift for color.

Oh, thank you! I had fun with this one.

Liz--this is great!!! I love how it is singing--and the lack of pencil and pen lets it breathe in a really interesting way....What kind of gouache are you using? How do you keep it organized?


See the tiny paintbox below for the organization! (Really.) The gouache is from M. Graham tubes, squeezed into the paintbox in tiny dabs and then rewetted with my waterbrush. I wouldn't have enough color to do something big, but I'm finding I can do a couple of sketchbook pages without running out of my colors. And it fits in my pencil case - I don't have to get anything special out in order to paint - so I am MUCH more apt to use it. A great discovery.



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