tulip study



Thought of making a still life all in black and gold in honor of the Pittsburgh Steelers' big game today, maybe even with a Terrible Towel somewhere in it. Many people have such shrines and rituals surrounding the game. But I got caught up in watching and didn't stop to arrange things to draw.

Here's a study of tulips, instead. I notice that the black and gold got in there anyway.


I really like this too. :o)

I like the bold design of this.

Thanks! I was happy with the placement on the page, but the colors were washed out at first - no real contrast in values. I got out my brush pen and a clean waterbrush and began to lay in some blacks and darker greys. My boldest work always seems to happen when I am too tired to be hesitant. The more I worked into this, the bolder it got. Encouraging to have that happen.



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