looking the other way



More gouache from yesterday. Back in Pittsburgh, post red-eye flight. Hard to imagine in 29-degree weather that I was painting this in my shirtsleeves and looking out over the Pacific yesterday.


I recently discovered your blog from EDM group, I am enjoying your work. Thanks for sharing it!

Lovely! All your vacation drawings and paintings have been so nice to look at, it's almost as if I was there with you seeing the scenery for myself. You capture your surroundings very well. Thanks for sharing!

It's. just. beautiful. You were in my Eden...I love northern california, though my area comes in as a close second.

Thanks for sharing your art. It's truly a highlight every day.

Lovely landscapes! :)

I think this is just exquisite! What would happen if you took one of those lenox 100 BIG sheets and got some house painting brushes and just went wild with this composition???

Thank you all. And Maria, that's an idea... I'll let you know what happens!



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