last winter squash



Somehow we haven't gotten around to eating this yet, even though I love butternut squash.

Today I discovered that the white china marker I bought last week resists ink and water... The challenge is that when I draw with white on white paper, I have only a general idea of where I'm putting the resist. Then as the ink and water wash over it, the picture emerges from the "blank" page, as if by magic.


Elizabeth, I'm intrigued by your sketchbook. What sort do you use?

Thanks, Terri.

I'm using sketchbooks I made myself this year. If you dig around in my blog archives you can see the first one I made back on December 1st, and then the full dozen on New Year's day. The paper is a wonderful heavy printmaking paper called Lenox 100 - it rips beautifully, and one 22 x 30-inch sheet can be torn into enough pages for a month-long book. The signatures are sewn on cords and then the soft cover is made of thin leather glued to paper. I found the directions in Gwen Diehn's Decorated Journal - the chapter called "The Reluctant Bookbinder." The results look impressive and stand up to daily use - but were REALLY easy to make.

Thanks Elizabeth! I thought they looked handmade. They are gorgeous and add a wonderful visual (and textural) element to your paintings. I'm so intrigued by using handmade art journals....I'm definitely going to have to try this myself!!



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