early evening sky



New month, new sketchbook. Winter's branches are still bare, but the dark comes later every day.


Liz, this is so beautiful. The sky is brilliantly done. Would love to see this in person. What size sketchbook is this one?

The colors in thise paintings are particularly clear and glowing. Could you say what the paper is?

Thanks - it was a beautiful evening, and I always get inspired by the light on and in clouds.

My new series of sketchbooks for this year are all roughly the size of the small Moleskine: 4 in. wide by 6 in. tall, so an open spread is 8 in. wide. The paper is Lenox 100 - about 120 lb., a printmaking paper - smooth enough for pen, but wet media works well with it, too. I made my books in December, and each one used one 22 x 30 sheet, torn into 16 pieces (half and half again and half again, etc. - very satisfying). I think I put more details about the construction in one of the late December entries.

The color is from M.Graham gouache, after Roz Stendhal's recommendation... squeezed into a party-favor tiny paintset, and dried and rewet with my Niji waterbrush. I'm having fun playing with the translucent and opaque qualities of the gouache.

Thank you, Liz. I missed Roz's post about that brand of gouache. I'll check them out because I adore that medium.

Last year I found one of those party-favor paint sets and love it! 8 teeny round "pots" to fill and carry everywhere! I'll check out the Lenox 100 paper.

Love this liz---opened your page and said out loud---ooooooooh!

thanks for keeping ME inspired!

This beautiful! I love the different shades of blue. It looks like evening but it also looks cold.

Me again,I am just so interested in how the sky really becomes the subject--despite the intricacy of the tree and rooftop (which I love.) I have felt compelled to come back and visit again!

I love your new series with the gouache. The colors are so clear and true.

Beautiful effect with the sky - really nice.

Great! what a color!

I love this. You captured the feel of late winter very well.

A gorgeous spread. I love the point of view, emphasizing the clouds and the sky with the rooftop of the house peeking up at the bottom of the page.



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