This is what I ignore while drawing tulips and oranges and sleeping children and bits of sky. Dust. Dust which clusters in the corners and nestles into the tangle of cords beside the sofa. I know that it isn't supposed to be there, but I'm nearsighted and distracted enough not to notice it most of the time. Besides, don't we choose unhealthy things to be our pet luxuries, our self-indulgences? What if dust took on the cachet of cigars or brandy or roquefort cheese? It could be cultivated, undisturbed, as a status symbol... a mark of luxurious idleness... glorious sloth. Sigh. Unlikely. I think of how it makes the shape of light visible, how it is as soft as lint, how it makes no noise and demands nothing of me. I will vacuum, I say.

Just not tonight.


Your posts are the highlight of my evening! I love this one -- my very neat mother-in-law once told me sweetly that she understood why my house was never clean enough...it was because I didn't see the dust!

I love the notion of giving dust a cachet, but I'm afraid that just like you, I will vacuum. But it won't be tonight either. ;-)

Thanks for the lift you give,


Well, I have found that as a super-organized person, I am choosing to allow that to be a trait shared in the world. Haven't you noticed that if you simply leave dust alone IT WILL ORGANIZE ITSELF. Dust will gather itself into balls of dust which can then be easily picked up. Organizers of the world--UNITE!

I am thrilled with the notion of the self-organizing properties of dust. Thank you.

I didn't vacuum tonight, either. Certain people who know me well think that it is disingenuous of me to imply that I ever vacuum... However, now I can explain that I am just supporting the dust in its own efforts to organize.

Wow, your drawings are terrific and now I reach this enlightening post on dust. Could I ever say in a slightly stuck up tone, "I have a very impressive dust collection....not easy to obtain this complete a collection, you know." Or....now I can claim I am just a highly organized person who is allowing my dust to organize itself for ease of cleaning instead of wasting extra minutes vaccuming all over before bunnies form!



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