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And the band played, "Shake, rattle, and roll," while I drew in the dark...


I just sent someone a link to this blog. In a discussion group at a teacher wrote in about having five children in her classroom from the Pacific Islands. They aren't thriving, and find themselves awkward in an unfamiliar culture.

The teacher complained that she could hardly find any books with Pacific Island characters and was frustrated in finding other resources to use too. She rather offhandedly said: "maybe we'll make a book."

I sent her a link to this site and told her to consider blogging the book.

Your blog brings me much pleasure. Thanks

Thank you.

I think blogs can be wonderful spaces to extend the classroom. In my experience, some voices are soft and hesitant and risk going unheard in a class discussion - given the space and time online, those voices may offer new readings, new meanings...



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