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selfportrait12.30.04.jpg selfportrait1.1.2006.jpg

Two self portraits: one done just as I began drawing last year (Dec. 30, 2004) and one done today, after drawing every day in the meantime... Even I can see the difference!

I think I'll put them both away, and make another self portrait next January first. Wonder what it will look like - or more to the point, I wonder what this year's drawing will look like when I have more distance from it. (Click on either image for an enlarged view.)

There's a photo of me here, if you want to check the likeness.


WOW!!! You have made progress. Just goes to show what practice does!!!

Wow -- huge difference! This is a great idea, too. I was cleaning and organizing all my "art junk" today and ran across a self portrait from about 7 years ago, and was astonished at the difference. Of course, I figure part of the difference was just age ...
Great idea, though! Going to do a self portrait now and tuck it away somewhere!

This is a really great example of the progress that you've made and will continue to make. Keep up the good work.

Wow Elizabeth, the progress is clear. If anyone doubted the benefit of drawing everyday, they only have to look at this to see the progress you have made in twelve months. Congratulations for having the focus, drive and determination to do this. You are an inspiration. :o)

This is great, you have made great progress. I like how you have posted them side by side for comparison. As Teri said, this is inspirational for others to see the progress can be made.

AMAZING!!!!! Pat yourself on the back -- fantastic!! You've given me tremendous encouragement!

I love this kind of (comparison) thing - what a difference; it's inspiring.

Wow, that is a perfect example of saving your work to reassure yourself drawing everyday does make a difference. I was so inspired by your idea to draw a self-portrait every January, sign me up.


Liz, that's incredible...this is a good kick in the pants for me to draw every day too. congrats on how much you've grown in only one year!

That's so interesting and shows real progress. However I'd also like to say that sometimes you can go back to very old pieces and see qualities in them that were not obvious at the time - so it's worth keeping everything.



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