leaf lettuce



Green leaf lettuce, somewhat picked over after a small salad and maybe a couple of sandwiches. (Better put it on the list, as we'll need more before much longer.)


I LOVE this! The line quality, the color blends, and the composition are wonderful!

Looks great!

Its the shadowing and colours that appeal to me. And the terrific cut end of the lettuce too. You did a great job with this one.

wow, your work is really beautiful...I envy your line work and depth of color....the jellyfish are the coolest:)

I like the delicacy of this.

Thank you all.

(And it turned out that we had more lettuce in the back of the crisper, but my husband went to the store and bought an extra head on the strength of this blog entry. Guess we'll be having lots of salad in the next couple of days!)



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