black and gold



Today was black and gold day in Pittsburgh - ordinary dress codes were suspended in favor of Steeler-themed apparel or black and gold clothing. The football spirit is contagious. There suddenly seem to be a lot of people named Roethlisberger, Ward, Bettis, and Polamalu, judging from their shirts. I got to wear my yellow sneakers to work.


Most of the year this statement would not come out of my mouth (being a Cleveland native)... but

Go Steelers!! Make the rust belt proud.

I love, love, love your sketches!!

I am more of an accidental football viewer than an actual fan, but these days it is in the very air we are breathing in Pittsburgh! Let's hear it for the underrated cities of the rust belt! (I'd be cheering for Cleveland if the roles were reversed...)

And I'm glad you like the sketches, thanks.



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