apple and meridian



I'm not sure where the two crossing lines came from, but afterwards I found myself thinking of latitude and longitude... (ink and wash)


I stumbled on your site looking for simple line drawings to show HS art students as part of a textile/embroidery project, and I'm thrilled with your work! I've gone thru watercolor and sketch phases, and meant last year, the first year of my retirement, do pull out all my paints and papers. But only managed it once. So this year I plan to do better. You're an inspiration.

I particularly responded to your typewriter post. When I was twelve I wanted more than anything in the world to have a typewriter, most particularly my father's old black enamel Royal portable. At their last downsizing he gave it to me!! So every once in a while I pull it out and work on my cadence. Thanks for stirring the memories.


I found your blog while searching for the "hobby" (I'm reading that as arts and crafts other stuff) catagory for BlogHer (I'm going to be one of the editors!!)

Anyway, your sketches are gorgeous and make me want to grab my sketchbook and some colored things and draw until my fingers bleed!!

I will definately be pointing people your way. Keep up the wonderful work.

Thank you both! I'm so glad my work makes you want to draw... it's the best possible reward, as I think the world generally needs more drawings, or at least more people sitting still and looking at things.



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