Brush pen and oil pastel, in layers. Intense color to set against the darkness outside. I can hear sleet coming down in waves. If rain melts enough of the icy road cover, we'll have school tomorrow. If not, vacation will start half a day early.


It's the intense color that pushs forward the hand making it very real. I like this one very much.

I'd love to use my oil pastels too, but now sure if they need to be sealed with a fixative afterwards...they seems messy. What are you doing with yours? These spreads are beautiful... full of color. :)

Thanks. My oil pastels are the watersoluble ones made by Portfolio (a division of Binney & Smith, who make Crayola crayons). I got my set of 24 at a Staples store. I try to put them on in thin layers, and then lately I just push the color around and blend it with my fingers. It's messy yes, but fun. I've used a water brush with them, too. Maybe you could fix them, but I don't. They don't brush off into dust the way chalk pastels do.

Elizabeth, thank you for the info on the pastels. I do have the same ones (water soluble-Portfolio), so I will experiment today in the Moleskine. I also have the traditional oil pastels, and just figured that the oil content was too high, which would make a huge mess in my book. I can't wait to try it. I'm enjoying these sketches of yours!



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