We went to Vincent's Pizza Park in Forest Hills for supper tonight. Whether you still live here, or are part of the great Pittsburgh diaspora, you will probably have eaten pizza at Vincent's at least once. It can be charred and swimming in grease, but heaped with the works, it is pizza like no other.


Swimming with grease???? Just the perfect way to prepare a pizza. ha ha! I'm from New York, and it sounds just like the pizzas back home. Great drawing/painting. :)

Great drawing! And now you've gone and made me hungry...

oh my god! wait until i show my husband! we grew up in monroeville and vincent had a shop right up the road from my mother's house -- our first year of marriage we ate there every friday eve while we did laundry (we lived in oakland with no laundry facilities so that was our night out!) we live 100 miles from pgh now but just about every time we visit my mum we get Vincent's -- usually at the murrysville shop.

(i enjoy your journal very much!)



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