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Coming home from Christmas travels. One more page to go in this year's last sketchbook. From the passenger seat of our car, I drew a sketch of trees reflected in standing water - the ground is frozen, even though the air is above freezing, so melted snow doesn't drain from low-lying fields. I drew a box around that little picture, thinking I would fill the page with boxed sketches and studies. Then I noticed a mile marker askew and drew that, but it ran off the page and didn't really seem to belong in a box. And then I wanted to get some of the colors of the Pennsylvania winter landscape onto the page, so I drew with ink and then water-soluble oil pastel and just filled the rest of the space with part of the view on Interstate 80, headed west towards Pittsburgh.


Liz, congratulations on meeting your goal of drawing every day. Your dedication is an inspiration! I look forward to seeing next years daily drawings, too.

LOVELY!!! Congrats on being able to sketch from the car! I tried that and wound up with a huge mess! I love the insert of the b/w trees -- great addition!

Another new compositional original! Love the box in a box, b/w in color, and yes, it reminds me of a "Picture in a Picture" feature of some TVs. Art reflects technology . . .



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