End of the sketchbook. End of the old year. End of the gingerbread house. (The kids took an ice mallet to it.)

In a candlelit room I am thinking of the past year and the new one on the way. I'm listening to the radio, drinking water, and thinking about opening a bottle of champagne before we get too sleepy to enjoy it...

Happy New Year!


Happy First / Second Day of the Year! (I guess you're several hours ahead of us, so you're almost ready for day 2...)
What a nice way to end the last night of the year, quietly in contemplation with champagne! Of course, Gingerbread yummies are always a great addition to champagne!!
Fabulous drawing... was it done with water soluable crayons?
Have a wonderful and creative New Year!

Bonny in BC, Canada

Thanks, Bonny. The drawing was made with water-soluble oil pastels - smudgier than the watercolor crayons.



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