day 365



I think this is day 365 of drawing every day. (I may have misnumbered my days somewhere in the first 28, but I have drawn every day, and posted every drawing.)

This is Ipswich Bay, a rapid contour drawing as the boys are packing the car - we are headed home, by way of New York City and the Van Gogh drawing show.

I will draw again every day in the coming year - having too much fun to stop!


I love knowing that there'll be a new post every day, and I'm always inspired by your drawing or color or composition or *something* to keep my own drawing habit going. Looking forward to 365 more drawings!

Hi Elizabeth;

I visit your Blog every day to see what creation you have posted. I'm inspired by your determination to draw every day.
Happy Creative New year!


I've been visiting regularly for a while, now.

Thank you for letting us see your creations. Yours (and those of others) have inspired me to start up myself.

I am amazed at how satisfying it is - thank you for sharing.

Congratulations on this remarkable achievement! I've enjoyed each and every one and look forward to continuing to visit next year.

Congratulations, Liz. I've followed your daily drawing story this year with great admiration. I look forward to seeing what you do in 2006---Happy New Year!

I too am enjoying your daily posts. So, I'm dying to know....have you noticed improvement over the year in your skills, techniques and confidence with your art??? Enquiring minds need to know..... :o)

Thank you all so much for the visits and encouragement.

Terri,I had never really drawn before this year, so it has been an adventure. Lots of ups and downs. I think I see more confidence in my work now. I know I am much more willing to jump in and make a mess. Since I know I will be drawing again the next day, I am less tentative. I also notice the world around me differently, at times imagining how I would draw something, instead of immediately thinking about how I would frame the photograph or phrase the sentence of description.



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