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Here's my first attempt at the "two-hour" journal from Gwen Diehn's The Decorated Journal. It took me two nights, one to sew and one to cover, but I probably didn't spend a lot more than an hour each night on this. The cover is thin leather, the paper is watercolor paper (a 22" x 30" sheet ripped into sixteenths), the signatures are stitched onto cords which make ridges on the spine.

Can't quite believe I made this. I can already see how I can make refinements in my technique with practice, but I am looking forward to making, carrying these around, and drawing every day in them in the coming year.


LOVELY book!!! You may want to consider adding an elastic strap to the flap (aka moleskin) to keep the book closed. GREAT JOB!

This is fantastic - I've been itching to try a leather cover, but I'm not sure where to get the leather from, or how thick it should be. I can see the raised outlines of the cords, too. Excellent job (you're going to make a dozen of them?! what energy - though working with a sister / friend would surely make it easier) - as they say in Hindi, Shabaash!

Wow! this is beautiful. My first journal was a mess!! I want to get this book and try this technique. I've only been doing coptic.thanks for sharing

Oh, this is so neat! I think you've got yourself a great new skill. Fabulous!

This journal looks terrific. Congratulations on a job well done. You make me want to try this now too!!

I want to try this. Where do you get the ingredients? Leather? I am inspired!

Thank you all. I got the leather at a specialty fabric store. It is about the weight of the leather in gloves, and not difficult to cut or work with.

Gwen Diehn's binding directions have variations for different weights of leather. I think you could also cover a journal with canvas, which is similarly sturdy but maybe more readily available.

You could even paint on the canvas cover...

I just discovered your blog and I wanted to tell you how much I like your art. It really looks like you have fun drawing what is around you. I will be putting your blog on my favorites list.

Happy drawing!

What a beautiful job you did with that!



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