kitchen drawer



I don't think anyone really knows what is in the back of this kitchen drawer. Birthday candles? plastic spoons? string? You might find them there.


I found your site surfing away this rainy rainy day. Your pics look like lots of fun.

Hi Liz,

I came by your site for a dose of inspiration, and smiled to see that we had both been drawn to kitchen drawers this week. . .fun to see the duct tape's cousin, masking, in the jumble.

my most recent fave of yours is that chiseled down broom, and indeed, the mystery of how it could have gotten that way. . .

looking forward to seeing more!


This could count as your EDM challenge on "organized chaos" couldn't it? Did you do that one already?

Love all these since the jelly beans, which was the last time I visited. Super productivity! And I continue to love your composition!



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