cafe morning



Text [including parts not visible] reads: Saturday morning. Cafe at the corn[er of] Forbes [and Cra]ig streets in Oakland. Got my hair [cut] and no[w I] am here drinking coffee. Feeling th[e ]sun com[e in] and out - onto that space where neck a[nd] shoulde[r m]eet. Warmth of fall. Blue skies after a [wee]k of ra[in] is such a delight. Shadows shift across [the] cafe t[ables] and chairs as I tangle with the puzzles of [sun]light a[nd sha]dow and the perspective and depth of th[e v]iew fr[om ] the window here. Now[ is about time for me] to [get] up. We have m[ore errands to run to]day and [then I'll head home and post this.]


I like the way the sketch and the words overlap one another. :)

Thanks. I was thinking about the way my thoughts and feelings were a background to the scene, so I decided to make that visible...

This is such a lovely page...captures your day so nicely.



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