I thought I didn't like beets until I discovered them as a medium. This drawing was done with ink, beet stem, and beet leaf. (Locally-grown materials now coming into season.)


This is my favorite Liz so far--good use of space without too much floating, lovely energetic lines and the color from the beets is absolutely stunning in a very subtle way.

Liz, amazing that beets would turn out to be good for something! This sketch is great and I so loved that you used the beet stem & leaf to add the color! What a fun idea.

Thanks. I think I will keep coming back to the color here, too. I've been learning a lot from the layering of watercolor crayons, but suddenly (the harvest? the turn of the season?) I want to work differently. The natural pigments seem more complex, intriguing, less predictable.

beautiful subtle colors, love your fine lines and the wonderful composition



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