today's paintings


11fiveminute1.jpg 12fiveminute2.jpg 13fiveminute3.jpg


The first three are five minute paintings on wooden shingles. The fourth painting is on a stretched canvas - I didn't measure it, but it is about 16 inches wide. I think I spent a couple of hours working on it, with acrylic and then watercolor crayon afterwards. (Click for enlargements.)


Wow, Liz. Today's paintings seem like a big leap forward. You are so confident in your paint handling. Love them all. The big one's composition is stunning.

Thanks. The big painting with two rocks was a leap and a struggle for me. I like it better now than I did just after finishing it. (And I think I like it even better on line, where the flash from my camera gave the highlights a subtle extra zing. Went out and got more titanium white today, as I was running out at the end of my work on this. Later in the week, I may mix in some more white, or more watercolor crayon, to bring some of the highlights up, if only to match the painting to the photo!)



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