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My sister and I went out with our acrylic paints today. (Kind husbands covered child care.) We challenged ourselves to see what we could do with a painting in five minutes - and then once we got going, revised the project to seven minutes - ten if we really felt we needed it, but those moments were the exceptions. They were all, by and large, seven-minute paintings. (Click on any thumbnail for a larger view.) I was using tiny canvases: 4 inches x 5 inches, and it was wonderful to see what was possible when i am really working rapidly. No time for second thoughts. For me, it was all about gesture, and seeing, and impulse. Great practice. The time limit got rid of blocks and hesitation - I just plunged in. The small canvases are not that expensive (less than $3 each), so I figure that it was the equivalent of going out for a good lunch together...


Lovely paintings. The colours are great and they'd look great on my wall. I particularly love the second and third one. Very peacful.


Wonderful, Liz. I love watching you have fun with paint. Wouldn't it be great to have a whole wall covered with these?

Mmm. Thanks. Then I'd have to stay all year.

Wait, that doesn't sound like a bad idea...

These are beautiful...great idea working small and fast.

amazing works!
you have capture the *thing*, the painting talks and moves, and so much a living window into view.
i love it!



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