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This leather case is just the right size to take with me. I have another one for my colored pencils, but what's in this one?

2 6B graphite sticks, a sharpie, Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel pens (red, brown, and three sizes of black (.5,.4, .25) plus a spare, because the .4 is running low), a Kuretake brush pen, 2 cartridges for that, two Niji waterbrushes, a folding ruler, tiny flashlight, emery board, bone folder, pocket magnifying card, a kneaded eraser, a regular eraser, a friend's new address, a cotton ball, and a paper pallette with watercolor crayon squares drawn on it, so that I can use the color if I need it. I used to carry scissors, but then kept taking them out for airport travel, and lately I haven't put them back.

1 Comment

hihi... that's a neat pencil case. And that's a lot of stuff you'vev managed to get into it. I love the idea of your paper palette of watercolors.



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