pasture and abstract




Two very different paintings from this morning. First I looked up from the rocks where I was sitting, up the hill and across the land we always called the Pasture. I lost track of time as I tried to get the colors of the grasses, wildflowers, and scrubby trees.

When I was ready to stop working on that landscape, I began looking at a tide pool beside me. I decided to use colors I haven't been using here - reds, crimson, oranges, black, and some yellow. That corner of my palette box has been virtually untouched. As I worked on representing the values, the lights and darks I was seeing in the rocks and the pool of water, the piece became more abstract. A little cerulean blue there? Yes. What fun. Now that it's finished I've decided that the composition works best for me if I turn the square on its side. So I did. (Tip your head to the right if you want to see how I was looking at it while painting.)


Geez, Liz, Must you be so good at EVERYTHING????

The paintings inspire me to take a deep cleansing breath. Beautiful and inspiring.

Just posted and I think it didn't go through--anyway--LOVE the pasture painting--great value and color sense--good space! Love the rock on the right--it is delicious!

And the abstract is so great--good for breaking things up!


Thank you both! I still don't know where I'm going. I am trying just to "trust the process," which is hard for me - I always want to make up stories about why I am doing something, and how it connects to all my other work. And drawing and painting is so new for me. Eight months into it is not very far...But the work itself seems to pull me along after it - a very odd sensation.



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