We had a bonfire down on the rocks at high tide tonight after sunset. Old shingles and driftwood. We made s'mores. I stayed up at the house for a moment to scribble in crayon the joyful figures against the fire and the rocks and water of the bay.


Continued thanks for posting this year's daily output. I happen to like your "look" (very zen, very oriented to both space and design/yin and yang)very much, and study your drawings as part of my "self" taught drawing lessons.
The big discussion on everydaymatters is about Tom Judd's look. Yours is about as opposite that as I can imagine.
Wanted to say thanks last night after I tentatively tipped my water brush against my water color crayons like I'd "seen" you do and--voila!--EXACTLY what I wanted to see happen did!

Love it! The joy!

kamuelacarol - thank you for the encouragement. And I'm so glad that you are playing with watercolor crayons. I think they are such an inviting and expressive medium.

maria - joy is right - this drawing is just a faint echo of the cousins in their fire-building glory.



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