birds on the rocks



Looking across the bay again. Heard a rumble of thunder, felt a few drops, hustled the laundry off the line and the art up onto the porch. No storm. Perhaps as we sleep.


So, so so wonderful!! I love the little birds~ and the sky is amazing!!Where is your pen? I went to crissy field today and did a run followed by drawing--I feel like the pen is getting in the way, so I have added a pencil to bag of tricks and plan on using that to start out for a little while.

The pen was used yesterday, when I was tired and just felt like working with line. I worry that pen and watercolor crayon wash becomes too much a reflex response - I'm trying to use color alone more, so that I don't fall into coloring book habits. Color alone also helps me think about painting.

Totally agree about the coloring book thing--I feel like the pen has become a bit of a crutch--and it seems to be getting in the way (for me).

I'll send you crissy field ina sec...



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