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The weather was amazing today. Hot as all get out, but with a strong breeze blowing in from the bay. An enormous schooner was anchored at a distance, and it being a perfect Saturday in August, there were lots of other boats about.

The panoramic painting is on a wooden board, about 6" x 24". The next two were on 8" x 10" canvas board, and then when I was ready to pack up but still had a little paint on my paper plate palette, I spent five minutes on one of the 4" x 6" wooden shingle scraps. All acrylic. No crayon, no extra anything. The last piece was done in ink and wash on watercolor paper - the schooner waited until I was done peering at it through binoculars and sketching, and then she raised sail and was off.


So lovely! :) The soft blue colors are so peaceful looking.

Thank you. I was hoping to do it justice - an amazing place, a beautiful day.

I don't know if you look back on any of these old posts but this last picture is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors, tone and the ink combined!


Tami, thanks. My email sends me a note when anyone comments.

I gave that picture to my father. (I think he liked the panoramic one, but I loved that one too much to be ready to part with it. The panorama rests on the back of my desk, today...)



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