Our crate of vegetables, dominated by a gorgeous bunch of Swiss chard this week. We participate in CSA, community supported agriculture, where we subscribe for a season's worth of vegetables, and a local organic farmer supplies us with a small crate full-to-overflowing with what is fresh and in season each week. He knows he has a steady stream of income from subscriptions, and we can support a small farm and delight in eating the most amazing variety of organic local produce. Our porch is a drop off and pick up point for subscribers in our neighborhood, so it couldn't be any more convenient - or social. If you have something like this in your community, I highly recommend it. We probably spend what we would in the grocery store, but we get far more vegetables than we would otherwise - plenty to eat, and often enough to share.


Ooooh ... what a wonderful idea. I've just done some research to see if there's a CSA delivery in my area. Can't find any, but did find an organization who would deliver if enough people were interested. I may have to become a site coordinator. Thanks for this!

Karen Winters and I both fell in love with Swiss chard, too, and made sketches a while back in our respective sketchbooks (independently of each other.) Isn't it a glorious colored and foliated thing, Swiss chard? Yours is lovely.



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