teapot and cup



"Chance favors the prepared mind," said my fortune cookie. (My soup came before I had finished drawing, so I added color when I got home.)


I've really been inspired by following your daily drawing progress&process. Can't tell if you are working in a small unlined moleskin or the sketch size. We are having a wonderful series of posts on everydaymatters yahoo group about water color and moleskines. You seem to be doing just fine with both.

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am working in the small (roughly 5x3-inch) moleskine sketchbook - the one with the 80 heavier pages. Almost all my watercolor is watercolor crayon - which seems to stick to the moleskine pages better for me. I often lurk on the everyday matters yahoo group, enjoying the inspiration, examples, and discussion there. Thanks again.



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