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Visiting dog at rest. He obligingly stayed still on the front hall rug, watching dinner being cooked, while I made this sketch and added color with watercolor crayons.


hihi...I usually lurk here (nice place too!) but couldn't resist commenting. The Chinese believe that if a strange/unknown dog comes to your home, good luck and fortune will follow.

How wonderful! This dog spent a week with us while his owners were on vacation. So while he was not absolutely strange to us, he had never visited before. I guess we can call him unknown...

Thanks for visiting.

Liz, this looks so like our dear Mollie, whom we lost last November. Such a beautiful, beautiful drawing. We got a new puppy on Saturday, another golden--I look forward to sketching her as well.
Thank you so much for sharing this.

Oh thank you, Laura. We had golden retrievers when I was growing up, so having Bo visit us was a voyage back in time for me. That feeling is reflected in the drawing, I think. He's gone back to his family this week and we really miss his presence.

Hi Liz,

What a wonderful sketch you did of our doggie Bo! What a treat for him to receive such wonderful attention from your family too, after he's had to relegate to 2nd class citizen in a house w/ 4 children, including a 14 month old!

For being less than 2 yrs old, we think he's got a great temperament...though he still does sneak in a dish or two off the counters late at night! He's got quite the social life on our street each day. Postmen, moms w/ babies, kids waiting for buses, etc. It's amazing what a people dog he is!

So glad you enjoyed his company. He's got a sweet soul. Your sketch, and the comments here make us appreciate how special he is.


ps for some puppy photos, you can find a few at:, in the family photos gallery!



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