two mushrooms



Two button mushrooms on a Japanese plate. Watercolor crayon only - no pen and ink this time. I was trying to concentrate on the shapes and values - hard to do after working so much with line in recent weeks.


I enjoy your sketches a lot, I love the elegant style and colours!

I would love to see this sketchbook in person. I bet it is a jewel. The colors on the mushroom/plate page are very beautiful.

Hey Elizabeth! I come by your site nearly every day, but don't always comment. This is beautiful, as is the rosa rugosa before, and all of your other work. I admire your commitment to doing a drawing every day!

Thanks for all the encouragement!

My sketchbooks are battered little moleskines - but I'm midway through my fourth one, and even I can begin to see changes in how I draw when I look at recent sketches and compare them to the first sketches from December. That and the public commitment to drawing everyday keep me going.



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