raw carrots



I like the way real cut raw carrots taste - something about the crispness of the angles is more refreshing than the manufactured roundness of the baby carrots sold as ready-to-eat. Best cut as thin as you can make them and then put into ice water to curl, but even when you are in a hurry to get them done and too impatient for perfection, they are still good. And then there is the secret pleasure discovered in childhood: carrot water - so sweet and carroty and cool.


raw carrots are my favorite snack! (i just had some for lunch!) i love this rendering of them...is that a souffle dish? :) Mmm

Yes, a little tiny souffle dish - we have a bunch of them, in constant use, though not for souffles.

This is one of my recent favorites. With the saturated colors and turquoise outlines and aerial perspective, it reminds me a little of early Wayne Thibaud. Excellent, excellent.

High praise indeed. Thank you.



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