globe basil



A mother's day present: a small pot of globe basil for the garden. (I was also given more plants, cards, and generally had wonderful care taken of me!)


I love your basil, it reminds me of a garden I had near the kitchen door of the last place I lived.

I took a look at the KnitApp. Unfortunately, it prints the picture to a grid of squares, and knit stitches are not square. The ratio is not 1:1, but h:w=5:7. So if you knit the pattern they give you, your picture will looked squashed top to bottom.

Too bad. It is a great idea.

By the way my violin teacher is on a mission to get me to be less critical, or as she says, more "self accepting".

I visit your site every day.

I agree about the KnitApp. I think it would work for needlepoint, though - and you might even be able to print directly onto canvas, if you had the right kind of pre-treatment and were bold about putting things through your printer.

For knitting, I would probably reverse-squash my image in PhotoShop before loading it, in order to counteract the stitch shape. I also wish they gave you a little key showing how many colors they used in the image. Oh well, it's free, and it is fun just to see family snapshots in mosaic form.

Your violin teacher sounds wonderful and wise. Thank you for your encouraging visits.



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