alstroemeria, closer



I wanted to keep drawing these flowers, because the more I look, the more I find to see.

(Last night I couldn't post this because my computer was busy - I was running utility programs to get ready to install OS 10.4 - Tiger. Grrr. Fun stuff. )


Tiger, Yes.

I personally am holding off until 10.4.1 is available, there are always so many glitches in the point zero version and it always takes my main programs a while to get compatible. Also, there is that added $30 for a new QuickTime Pro. So I am waiting for next month at least.

It is fun though, isn't it?

I found this, Gerhard Richter’s paintings of candles

by way of your Finkbuilt link.

So cool.

Impatient person that I am, I forgot all about the needed upgrade to Quicktime Pro. Then of course I assumed that my current registration key would work. Ha.

Still, I am enjoying Tiger.



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