seven yellow onions



Seven yellow onions in a handmade bowl. Drawn in ink and then I added watercolor and a little white gouache for some highlights. Listened to John Rutter's "Requiem" and then some Zap Mama as I worked.


Excellent, is my opinion! The onions are beautifully drawn and I like the new diagonal composition.
And I also love Rutter's 'Requiem.' Do you like jazz? That seems to be most of what I'm listening to in the studio these days.

Thanks so much. If the radio is already on when I'm drawing, I tend to listen to our local jazz/NPR/alternative stations, but often I just draw in quiet at my house. I was in a mood to choose my music last night, which led me to the Rutter.

It's interesting to me that I can listen when I draw, but I can't really think to talk. Different parts of the mind, I guess.



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