rhythm bells



Fragment of song:

Hal-an-Tow / Jolly rumble O! / We were up / long before the day -O / To welcome in the summer / to welcome in the May -O / For summer is a comin' in, and winter's gone away -O!

Words and old tune in my head - not that it's May, but I was up early and it was not icy out.


Elizabeth -- I've enjoyed looking at all your drawings. Very fun and well done! Glad you posted a link on the EDM group!

Thanks, Linda.

I am so glad you posted your link at EDM group. Your sketches and paintings are awesome. The thing I love most is how you capture the shadows in such a way as to make it look like the object you are painting is sitting right on top of your journal...do you use a moleskine? And I was wondering...do you light your subjects before you draw them? Anyway, I love your style...keep up the great work, because I'll be back to see more!

Thanks, Julie.
I do use a moleskine - the little sketchbook kind. The light is often just the standing lamp beside the sofa. I put the thing I'm going to draw on a piece of white paper on the coffee table, or just on the table directly. Can't wait until it is warm enough to draw outside. Having started this project in the winter means I have been confined to things I can draw in my house. (And because I often don't get to drawing until the very end of the day when I'm tired and lazy, it can even be limited to things I can draw while sitting on the sofa...)



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