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And today I began sketchbook number three. I've been drawing something every day since two days after Christmas, and after the first month, I decided to post my drawings daily. Some days I'm happier with my work than others, but even when I hate what I've done, I post it anyway, to keep the rhythm going. "Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly."

I've discovered that if I set myself goals measured in quantity and frequency I tend to produce better work than when I try for quality. (I also produce worse work, and plenty of that, but the highs are higher.) I take more chances, becuase I can always make it differently tomorrow. I also find that a piece that seems like a disaster one day, may not seem as awful two weeks later, so I don't let myself criticise.

Bought this pot of lilies to take to a friend's dinner party. I sketched them with my black pen, and then used my waterbrush to pick up color from the ends of my watercolor crayons and added layers of wash to the page.


Thanks for that encouraging comment about not being critical. I have started music lessons at the age of 60 and need all the help I can get. Also the remark about quantity vs quality. It also applies. I enjoy your drawings, and check your site a couple of times a week.

How wonderful to be making your own music! When the last of five children finished college, my mother went to art school. She's been a great model for us, reminding us that at any time you can make creative changes in the direction of your life. Her birthday was two days ago, and she spent most of it on a ladder, installing a commissioned sculpture for Tufts University. At 71. Thanks for your encouraging words and I am so glad you are bringing more music into the world.

Liz, I love your drawings. I also appreciated your comments about quantity and also NOT to criticize. Your note to Margaret Greentree was especially heart-warming. (But it was a genie-lift not a ladder.) It is almost finished.



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