This is the ficus tree I have owned for more than twenty years. If I treated it better, it would outgrow the house. Luckily I neglect it in the winter, and let it recover every summer outside. (Other members of my family are kind to it, and it flourishes.)

I never can tell midway through making a picture whether I am going to like it when I'm done. Here, I was getting obsessive with the leaves, and was annoyed with myself for not thinking through the perspective better, and then I began adding color and had so much fun. I kept working into it, looking some more, and working into it again.


Your charming ficus painting brings back memories. We have one of those aged ones, too. It lives indoors year round (too much trouble to move.) We got it 15 or so years ago as set decoration for something we were filming with a corporation. The CEO being interviewed was a man of short stature so sometime after the filming, we named the ficus after him. Fifteen years later, "Jimbo" the ficus isn't any taller either!

Great story!

Ours was once named Ben, short for Ficus benjamina.

However, now that we have a son named Benjamin...not named for the shrub, I swear... the ficus is mostly just called lots of inappropriate things when we wrestle it outside or inside when the season changes.



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