dormer study



A study of the dilapidated house across the street - trying to get the roof and dormers in perspective, as seen from my living room window. I was inspired by Richard Bell's great advice to his drawing class on a similar exercise. He was teaching a city drawing class in Wakefield, England, earlier this month, and I've been following along at a wistful distance here in Pittsburgh. He has more advice on drawing buildings in perspective here, where he recommends locating a vertical element and then imagining the face of a clock when trying to determine the angles of other lines. It's wonderfully helpful, because I find I have a very accurate mental measure of angles that way. (I wonder if it is as easy for those who grew up with digital clocks.)


You've rendered this beautifully. I also found Richard's advice about the imaginary clock face to be more than just helpful -- it resulted in a major correction for my drawing! I do love your journals and will be visiting back often.

Thanks! Come back any time. (I enjoy your journal as well, though I mostly lurk there.)

When I look back on this drawing now, what I notice is not the angles of the dormers, but the placement of the text. The text is placed where it is because it was Easter Sunday, and our company arrived midway through my sketching - I realized that if I added some text there, I wouldn't need to draw the other windows and doorway, and thus would be able to get the ham out of the oven and onto the table before dark...



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