clouds and tricycle



I was outside enjoying the warmth, concentrating on the tricky perspective work of the old trike in our backyard, when the wind made me look up. What clouds! The setting sun was just beginning to change the color of the sky, and the wind was moving everything from west to east. No leaves on the trees yet, but light late enough to finish the sketch before supper.


A beautiful moment you've captured in the sky just before the sunset. I love the colors...and the trike is great too! I am so glad the weather is warming up! I plan to spend a lot of time outdoors next week...I'm on spring break.

Thanks. I can feel spring break slipping through my fingers like the last grains from a handful of sand. We began it almost two weeks ago... back to school on Monday.

These last two days have been the first really warm ones. So great to open the windows! And drawing outside is brand new to me.

I'm really enjoying all of your drawings. I like this one especially, because it has that window to the sky, and because of the way you've laid out the text.



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