right hand twice



Studies drawn with my newest pens, the Pilot Hi-Tec-Cs I ordered from jetpens.com in a fit of faddishness early last week - not enough to be working in a moleskine, I guess, but have to try the obscure cheap pens, too.

The hand on the right was mostly drawn with the finest line: .25mm, with some shading done with a .50mm pen. Then I turned the book and drew again, this time with the heavier line throughout. Good practice, if nothing else, and now my right hand is more tired than my left.

I think I like these Hi-Tec-Cs even better than the Sigma Microns - the ink flows so nicely and so far they do not scratch. Wonder how long they'll last. . .


I have been checking out your drawings for about a week. They are great pen&ink renderings. One of my favorite mediums. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for your encouragement!

Ahhh... Liz, you must be a lefty. My husband likes you already.:) I've recommended your blog to two friends today! BTW, are the images in the OLDest of your archives simply unviewable? Or is their some trick to pulling them up? THX... Patti

Patti, in the Woolgathering blog there really aren't any images before this January, when I began posting snapshots of my sketches. (The reference to a picture in one of my earliest posts was an image I used as background for an earlier page design...) I hope all the photos in Magic Lantern Show do still show up o.k. - I haven't checked for broken links lately, and should probably get around to doing that, um, one of these days...



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