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Off to Atlanta for five days to go to a conference. I'm going to miss my internet access. I don't even think about it any more - I have wireless access at home, at school, when I visit my parents, when we visit Mark's parents... it feels like a part of the air I breathe. I can open my laptop and the internet is just... there. Available. Now it will be a matter of finding coffee shops and paying for access, or using a public terminal to check my mail via the web. The hotel rooms have "data ports" which sound... um... archaic. I am so spoiled. (It's early morning and I'm grouchy.)

To distract myself, I've installed Panther. I'll play with that, and maybe actually do some writing at night in the hotel instead of web-surfing. (Hmm. This could be good for me, even if I resist it now.)

ARGH!!! I may have to turn the comment function off on most of my posts - as spammers keep adding comments of their own. Sometimes it's an innocuous remark, sometimes it's verbal garbage, but it links to their sites. I try to clean the stuff out and ban IP addresses as I go along, but it is getting bad.

Mark Pilgrim has some good words on the philosophy of spam fighting.

Meanwhile. Watch how you click on any address or email links in my comments. I'm going to turn off the html in comments, as well, for now. Sorry.

When asked to describe what I do, I find myself saying: "Teaching, writing, mothering, making art, making trouble..." So I'm pleased to link to Halley Suitt's terrific entry on behaving respectably - by other people's rules - and why this might not always be such a good idea... especially for women.

My judo coach in college used to point out that he could balance so well because he had four feet on the mat: mine and his. I was just trying to stand on my own two feet, and was always thrown quickly. If you let someone else manage your strength for you like that, you are unlikely to create change... just a thought.



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