luminous, grey


Still light out at 8:20. Children are quiet (upstairs). I can hear the clock, my typing, Mark's typing, both of us breathing.

It might rain, might not.

I leave for Turkey on Monday afternoon. Three days left to do everything.


Make that three days left to do some things and put off others.

The light outside is so beautiful. I breathe slowly and enjoy a moment of calm before a late grown-up supper of swordfish, green salad, crusty bread and red wine.

Maybe I can get Mark to play me some songs. . .


Sorry, I didn't play you any songs. I don't have much music that goes with such a nice dinner. I always intend to write challenging music that's bad for the digestion.

Didn't mean to class your stuff as easy listenin' ... only to suggest that after such a quiet evening, I'd be well prepared to grapple with the difficulty.



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