first glass


Will it break? I made a bead today. Of glass. An opaque blue stick about two inches long and less than a quarter of an inch in diameter became red hot, translucent in the loud blue flame, a j-shape, a slumped snail, and then slowly, slowly, with the help of gravity and impatience and an unsteady hand turning the mandrel, it became a lopsided blue bead. I think. It cools in a crock-pot full of vermiculite overnight, and I'll see it tomorrow.


It didn't break. I made three more today. At this rate... (never mind, I'm having fun).

Congratulations! Really, I've always wanted to make glass beads, they're so beautiful, but oh, so many other crafts and activities in the way. (smile)


Thanks. I had a chance to sit in on a flameworking workshop, and it was great fun. Try it out if you ever get the chance. The tools are not expensive, either - you can buy the special gas at the hardware store. (That said, I probably won't get the stuff and do it at home. Too many other tempting projects...)



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