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What I did on my vacation:

  • Walked around the neighborhood.
  • Worried about the world.
  • Got teeth cleaned.
  • Haircut.
  • New and used clothes: Gap and Goodwill.
  • Cleaned up website and weblogs - still some glitches, but I'm happier. (CSS rules - look ma, only one table!)
  • Figured out how to use the panorama tripod head.
  • Read aloud to my children.
  • Read to myself.
  • Wrote a little.
  • Cleaned less.
  • Laughed.

Sometimes you just need to laugh. Sometimes you make art. Or a mess. (We're painting/potato printing on tee-shirts this afternoon.)

Even as the t.v. tells me that bombs are being dropped on Baghdad, I can read about it in the weblog of an Iraqi citizen.

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On Sunday there was a candlelight vigil in the little park two blocks from our house. I think nearly fifty people were there: friends, acquaintances, strangers, all from our community. All over the world, as it turned 7:00 where they were, people gathered to light candles and quietly demonstrate for peace.

When your children are young, you can never tell what will make an impression on them - you just do what you can and hope for the best. Today Piper (2 1/2) and I were walking past the park. Unprompted, she said to me, "We say peace. Daddy say peace. Mummy say peace. Benjamin and Thomas say peace. I say peace, too."

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Paper prototyping seems like a useful, flexible, and efficient tool for testing any number of things - but I particularly like the idea of a software engineer or developer pretending to be the computer, while another person pretends to be the user. Maybe we could dispense with the technology altogether and just push pieces of paper across the table at each other? I love the playfulness, the highly serious silliness involved.

fragments and phrases from the James Turrell lecture sponsored by the Mattress Factory and the Center for Art in Society at Carnegie Mellon

transcribed from notes written in the dark, while watching a video projection of the artist's talk which was going on in the filled auditorium next door... after a false fire alarm and flashing lights had emptied the building... so I never actually saw James Turrell tonight - just his image in light - one room removed.

please think of this as glimpses and suggestions...

The thingness of light

his early discovery that "I could sell colored air and blue sky"

the way we see light in a dream - the light itself has this thingness


World of Ends - What the Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It for Something Else. by Doc Searls and David Weinberger (two of the Cluetrain authors), is worth reading if you get a chance. They may be stating the obvious, but they do it concisely.

(And of course the whole piece is in the public domain.)

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As the temperature rose into the forties, with no rain or snow, it was a good day to take a walk.

Exelauno Day is not much celebrated any more, though I remember hearing of it when I was in school. Of course, as a student who took the first semester of first year Greek three times before going on to a second semester, I never did read Xenophon. Still, exelauno means "I march forth," and I do have a weakness for puns, so there it is.

Can't figure out a way to link to a particular entry on Marko Ahtisaari's weblog, but there is much good to be found there.

Particular likes: the entry for Feb. 13 about the economist and philosopher Amartya Sen, which reminded me, among other things, of the old Beyond the Fringe skit about Bertrand Russell and G.E. Moore... "'Come in,' he said. I waited a while, to test the validity of his proposition..."

also: his thoughtful entries on Feb. 11 and 12 responding to the Clay Shirky article about power laws and their implications...

So, as readers on the web do, I prospected back from his blog address...

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Not only does he write good prose, but he also takes wonderful pictures.

Now if only I knew why Dean Allen's site motto has shifted from "Intellectual Property is Theft" to "Minneapolis Delenda Est."



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