Coming soon... more photos

I am in the process of learning how to make a photolog section of this site. For the moment, a couple of experimental posts can be seen on the magic lantern show link.

Just generic-looking for the moment--I'll make the template work later.

Eventually I'd like to have a thumbnail of the most recent picture at the top of my links column. (But I need to learn a little about server side includes, first.)

I notice that I don't have the automatic thumbnail generator module in my Movable Type upload file window. (Maybe my server doesn't support it? Maybe it's not part of the $20 install?) So I just export the photos with thumbnails from iPhoto to a folder on my desktop, and rename the thumbnails with the word "thumb" in the middle of the file name, and upload both files. Then I put the bigger version of the photo in the main entry text window, and any description in the additional text window, and the thumbnail in the excerpt window. I got the script and templates and instructions from the girlie matters, though the link to the tutorial seems to be down this morning.



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