Guitar in the background. Woodsmoke.

Guitar in the background. Woodsmoke. Enough t.v. this evening to be entertained, not so much that I feel glazed and dulled. Same for internet. Some browsing around, but Airport reception on the sofa is iffy, so I knit for a while instead.

From the sound of these posts I seem so domestic - is that what I'm inclined to catalog? and not the ins and outs of my multiple jobs (three, I think, but other projects crop up from time to time), art projects, community projects/meetings... Each of the activities is fascinating - but I'm not moved to write about them.

Suppose I took the Diary of a Provincial Lady as a model? I find her sympathetic, and her tone of voice familiar. Does it translate to the American provincial inner city... hmm. Keep playing. Keep listening to guitar and a new song evolving in the living room (or maybe it's an old one - I confess I don't always keep them straight without words).



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