In knitting you can make a gauge


In knitting you can make a gauge to test a pattern, play with colors, and see how many stitches you'll get to the inch. Once you start the project itself, you're committed - you may increase or decrease or add a gusset or decide that it's a sweater for someone completely different or perhaps it's going to become a hat and not a sweater after all - but rarely do you rip the whole thing out and start again.

I'd like to treat this web log like knitting. A place to play, to try things out, to gather some thoughts as I go along.


I've only been knitting for 2 1/2 months and just started my first pattern. A simple shirt for my daughter in a small - which is now a medium. I think and would appreciate someone confirming this is that when I did the gauge I just knitted - I didn't following the pattern the shirt was callling for knit/pearl alot. And, since I am a tight knitter and pearl very loosley I think that's why the shirt is coming out larger. Correct?

You are right. Usually it is best to knit your gauge in the stitch pattern you are planning to use for the whole project. Some stitch patterns are looser than plain knitting, and some pull in much tighter.

Congratulations on your first pattern! (And depending on the age of your daughter, she may grow into the next size...)



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