August 20, 2002

Istanbul rooftop


The last morning in Istanbul, a view from the rooftop of the Hotel Nomade. Minarets and chimney tops, the Blue Mosque and a bird.

The Bosphorus is not quite visible in this image - so you'll have to imagine the line of giant ships moving across the horizon, the low moan of their horns mixing with the cries of the seagulls.

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Lanterns for sale inside the Grand Bazaar. In the jostle of the crowd, I shook the camera, but I love the colors and composition of this photo anyway - it has the feel of the place about it.

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paper shop


A wrapping paper shop in the streets near the Grand Bazaar.

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I don't know that a tourist is allowed to leave Istanbul without taking a photo like this, either in or near the Spice Bazaar.

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Medusa column base


In constructing the Basilica Cistern, Justinian's builders used a variety of materials - some thought to come from the sacked Asian side of the city. This head of Medusa supports a column.

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Coins - Basilica Cistern


Coins in the water of Justinian's Basilica Cistern. You can't hear the water dripping, or the murmur of voices, but can you see the fish?

I like the way the coins echo Byzantine mosaics elsewhere in Istanbul.

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Cavalry Bazaar


A row of former stables has been turned into a bazaar near Sultanahmet square.

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Blue Mosque - ceiling


Inside the Blue Mosque, the space draws your eye upwards.

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Blue Mosque


The Blue Mosque in Istanbul was designed by the architect who designed the Taj Mahal, I think. It faces Aya Sofia across Sultanahmet Square.

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Aya Sofia


View of Aya Sofia from across the gardens in Sultanahmet Square.

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August 18, 2002

Barbara's window


Barbara's living room window, early morning.

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A view along one of the valleys in Zelve, at the open air museum. Look for the openings of ancient dwellings in the rock.

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fairy chimneys


A few of the fairy chimneys - the incredible rock formations in Cappadocia.

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Hatice and Furkan


Hatice and her cousin Furkan at the red valley, just before sunset.

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sunset at the red valley


As the sun sank, the rock began to change colors. The red valley is about 9 km. from the village of Ortahisar.

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picnic dance


The tape player was blasting music as we loaded the car after the picnic. Hatice began dancing and Kamile and the rest of us joined in.

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Ahmet and garden


Ahmet, Hatice and Sultan's father, redirects the water flowing into their garden - closing off one irrigation canal and opening another.

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Kamile and bees


Kamile, Hatice and Sultan's mother, shows the honey in one of the garden's turquoise beehives.

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Sultan and Furkan


Sultan and her cousin Furkan at the garden picnic.

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weaving (4)


Hatice and Lutifiye at the loom.

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weaving (3)


You can see the progress made in just two days! Notice how the colors of yarn are tucked into the warp, so that they are ready to use as they are needed.

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weaving (2)


Left to right: Lutifiye, Hatice at the loom, and Hatice and Sultan watching.

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weaving (1)


Here are the kilim weavers, Lutifiye and Hatice, at work.

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August 17, 2002

copper vessel


This caught the early morning light. I loved the painted green cupboard door behind it.

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kilim on bench


The hands on hips motif shows up well on this kilim woven by the women in Ortahisar.

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garden door


Through this doorway you can see Barbara's garden.

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carved doorway


Behind this closed door is the room where the kilim weavers work.

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view from the window


This is what I saw from my window, the first morning in Turkey.

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August 15, 2002



View of Ortahisar, Turkey - the rock castle which rises above the village.

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August 4, 2002

Banff, Alberta


It really did look like this. I took this photo (among others) when I went for a walk before our workshop session on the second day.

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Reflection, Banff


This was an early morning reflection in the Bow River in downtown Banff on the day I left.

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Delphiniums were just growing and blooming in the woods behind some of the buildings at the Banff Centre.

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ship model at sunset


Annisquam - one last snapshot from summer 2002.

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